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Executive Director: Karen Blackburn
PHONE: (218)387-3411 EXT: 162

Program Coordinator: Kelsey Rogers Kennedy
PHONE: (218)387-3411 EXT: 222

Student Services Coordinator: Laruel Wilson
PHONE: (218)387-3411 EXT: 182

Office Management: Jade Wolke
PHONE: (218)387-3411 EXT: 112

Campus is open 9-5pm Monday-Thursday, Friday 9-12 and by appointment

Stop in and visit to find out what you can learn about
right here in Cook County!

P.O. BOX 57
PHONE: (218)387-3411
FAX: (218)387-3413

The North Shore Campus is a Tobacco-Free Campus committed to creating a clean, safe and healthy learning and working environment for all students, employees, board members, and North Shore Campus guests.

2013 Data:
CCHE first began offering local education opportunities in 1996. During the first two years of operation 82 people enrolled in programs. Currently enrollment has increased to 600 - 135 of whom enrolled in certificate or degree programs, and 470 of whom attended workshops. Over 530 people have earned certificate or degrees since 1996-10% of the county population. Many of these individuals claim this is the first time they have earned a living wage, and the first time they had a job with health benefits. We have an aging community, and it is vital that we have a facility that not only provides education to local residents, but also attracts young people to the community who can be assured they will be able to continue their education where they live.

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