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Cook County Higher Education (CCHE) at The North Shore Campus:

Provide local access and support for college education and training on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

    Accredited classes, training, and degree programs
   Student Support: mentors, financial aid resources, and more

College Prep۰ College Courses۰ Workforce Training۰ Lifelong Learning

    Our non-profit is supported by state and county funding, grants, and local donations

"Thanks to CCHE, I earned my degree and got a job without having to leave my family to go to school!"

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Will you help us be cool this summer? Anyone who has ever attended one of our guest lectures or other evening events during the peak hours in the summer months knows it can get pretty warm in the upper level classroom.

How can you help? The air conditioning wall unit costs $5,985 and it can be installed very soon.
We have received generous donations of $1,500 towards this goal so we just need a bit more to reach the $5,985.

What to do:
• Email or call 387-3411 with your pledge of support,
• Mail a check to CCHE, PO Box 57, Grand Marais, MN 55604
• or use our online donation tool at

We hope with your support that we can make events cool this summer!


Annual Report Posted on Cook County Higher Education's Facebook Page

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2014 Annual Report 1 Post by Cook County Higher Education.
2014 Annual Report 2  Post by Cook County Higher Education.


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Upcoming Events

3 Day Basic Welding - January
Starts Jan 1, 2016
Don Hammer

Destination College - Parents
Oct 24, 2016 - 7:30pm
Sarah Stover - Student Services Coordinator at CCHE

Novel Starter Class | NaNoWriMo
Starts Oct 29, 2016
Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux

Read, Watch, and Eat while talking in French Practice your French while having fun! - November
Starts Nov 3, 2016
Nancy Dumas

1:1 Appointments Assisting with QuickBooks or Excel
Nov 7, 2016 - 1-5pm (register for a 1 hour time slot)
Don Hammer

Excel For You
Nov 7, 2016 - 9am-Noon
Don Bremer

South American Spanish Language Adventurers!
Starts Nov 7, 2016
Carrie Jansen

Quickbooks For You
Nov 8, 2016 - 9am-Noon
Don Bremer

Beginning French -START LEARNING FRENCH - January
Starts Jan 7, 2017
Nancy Dumas

Beginning Spanish- January
Starts Jan 10, 2017
Carrie Jansen

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